Why did my IP address get listed?

Your IP address got listed because it delivered spam email to one or more of the mail servers that I maintain.

Does that mean my computer/server is sending spam?

99% of the email sent is now considered spam. Using gray listing, spamassassin and various rbl's to filter spam and virus's out of the remaining 1%. This means that almost all IP's listed in bl.spamstinks.com are there because they really sent spam.

However, the vast majority of spam is sent from virus and malware infested servers and end-user systems, meaning simply that the amount of email received from actual legitimate Mail servers is very small. Keeping this in mind, if your mail server got listed on bl.spamstinks.com it might just be a false positive.

But my system isn't a mail server...

In that case the mail I got is almost certainly spam. Usually via a virus or trojan horse that installed itself onto your server or computer through one or more of the various security holes that are available on servers or end-user systems. Please install a current anti-virus software and desinfect your system.

Note that if you have a dynamic IP address, it is possible that the user who had the address before you was sending out the spam. It is still a good idea to use a current up to date anti-virus software.

How do I remove my IP address?

You can. Just fill out the IP Removal Request on the Contact Us page. The IP address should be gone from the list within 24 hours.

You might also like to try figuring out why the IP address got listed, so you can fix the problem and make sure you do not get listed again in the future.

How else can IP addresses be removed?

After an IP address has not sent anything through the filters for a while, it is automatically expired from the database. This automatic expiry is the normal way for IP addresses to get removed from the list.

Manual removal, using the form above, appears to happen for less than 3% of IP addresses. The other 97% are probably spam bots that never send out legitimate email any way.

Can you supply the headers of the email that caused a listing?

The short answer is no, because in most causes by the time you figure out the you are being blocked by someone using bl.spamstinks.com the message will be deleted since I keep them for a week or so, due to the high amount of spam that is recieved

If you send email to harvested email addresses, Honeypots, or email addresses of other dubious origins, you run the risk of being listed on many DNSBLs, including bl.spamstinks.com. In short, while you might have the right to send out certain email, nobody has any obligation to receive it, so you might want to make sure you only send email to people who really want it.

But it's not spam! Don't you read your filtered mail?

bl.spamstinks.com gets hundreds of spam emails each day, I rely on a set of regular expressions to filter out the email that is not spam. If you need more details, or you think I have listed you by mistake, feel free to send me email using the Contact Us page.